Monday, April 14, 2008

You have to kill the joke

This isn't going to be much a game review, since You Have To Burn The Rope isn't much of a game.

No, instead I want to write about driving a joke RIGHT INTO THE GROUND.

Okay, the premise of You Have to Burn The Rope is that you're some dude in a platform game about to fight a boss, but your attacks do nothing to him. Instead, you have to burn the rope on the chandelier above him. Then a song plays and the game ends.

It was mildly amusing, but then I find people have written "extensive" walkthroughs for the game, informing you that you have to burn the rope.

Then someone else made a text adventure version that consists of typing "Burn rope with torch" and it's done. It kinda makes having to download and Infocom interpreter just to see a variation on the joke kinda lame. Couldn't the author have at least coded something stand-alone? It wouldn't have been that hard.

I guess my point is, this is last week's version of "The cake is a lie", as in, let it go already!

But admittedly, that song was pretty cool.

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